Art, Photography, and Films by John Wells, Kyoto Japan

Hibiku: A Photographic Experiment 写真展「響」

Can Bin Shugakuin (2012). Seed photo for “Hibiku” exhibition.

Thursday April 17th to Sunday May 11th, 2014
at Cafe Foodelica, Kyoto, Japan. A KG+ event.

Please visit the Hibiku exhibition page or the KG+ Kyotographie International Photo Festival page for more information about this exhibition and the larger event.

14 artists, 28 image, 8 nationalities. Anonymous ‘seed’ photos are met with visual responses. A strange amalgam ensues.

In this exhibition, each photographer submitted one photo, called a “seed” photo anonymously, and received one seed photo. We each then made another photograph as a response to the seed that we received. Both the seed photos we received and our responses to them are displayed side by side in the exhibition.

About my “seed” photo

The seed photo I submitted is of a can bin in the neighborhood where I live in Kyoto. I took this photo with a Lumix GF1. The responding photographer received the digital data and printed the image himself along with his response photo. Please visit the Hibiku exhibition at Foodelica to see how the photographer responded to my photo.

Ger, Bayankhongor (2002). Response photo for “Hibiku” exhibition.

About my “response” photo

I received a seed photo from another photographer, and the work here is my response to her image. Please visit the Hibiku exhibition at Foodelica to see the photo that I responded to.

I took this photo in 2002 in Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia. In March of that year I was invited to hold a solo photo exhibition of photos from Japan called “Nostalgia for Nationalist Squid and Other Tales” at the Mongolian Theatre Museum in the Central Palace of Culture. I enrolled as a student in a Mongolian language school during that time. A few months later during the summer Naadam festival season, I traveled with my camera to Bayankhongor carrying a Pentax 67 medium format camera and many rolls of film. I scanned this reversal film image and printed it on archival cotton rag paper using a Canon PIXMA Pro9500 ink jet printer.

この写真は、2002年にモンゴルのバヤンホンゴル県で撮ったものです。私は当時モンゴル語の語学学校に通っていました。私は同年3月に招聘を受け、「国粋主義の烏賊たちのための郷愁、そして他の物語」というソロ写真展をモンゴル国立演劇博物館で催しました。その数ヶ月後、夏の祭「ナーダム」の季節に、中判カメラのペンタックス67と大量のフィルムを携えてバヤンホンゴルを旅しました。今回、その時のリバーサルフィルムをスキャンしたものを、アルシュ・ベラン・ミュージアム・ラグ(コットンペーパー)にCanon PIXMA Pro9500インクジェットプリンタを用いて印刷しました。